The D n B Story

Born out of tragedy | The right band to tribute

Dead n Buried is "The Nation's ONLY" A Day to Remember Tribute. Members are regional music-makers from Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri (Valpraiso, Chicago, St. Louis). Together they bring the ADTR music catalog from 2005 to the present day releases. They rock the emo, punk, metalcore, and anthems for two hours melting faces. It's the songs of the ADTR T-shirt wearing youth, cause all ADTR fans are forever young. 

We where formed in April of 2019. In December of 2018 we couldn’t figure out a band to tribute. The discussion went stale. In March of 2019, Rick's oldest nephew's father (friend of his) took his own life. His favorite band was ADTR and he was buried in his favorite ADTR t-shirt. That’s when we decided to tribute ADTR and create awareness for Suicide Prevention. 

Hence why we support the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention

Come take in a show, buy a t-shirt, hoody, or share our tribute with your local venue. We'd love to entertain your youthful hearts, all while helping another's mental health escaping or rocking out for a couple hours in a community of loving ADTR fans.